2700 Hz, 3-TONE, 74V w/ microcontroler

Part # 020-0025-00

This solid-state electronic alarm is built to produce audible warning signals in replacement of conventional electro-mechanical alarm bells used on locomotives.

  • Form-fitted to be easily interchangeability with existing bells.
  • Equipped with two alarm inputs.
  • Provides three distinct sounds:
    - Pulsations for alarm 1
    - Pulsations for alarm 2
    - Pulsations for alarm 1 and 2 simultaneously
  • Two silencing modes activated by push-button light switches with flashing indicators.
  • Flashing push-buttons when in silencing mode.
  • Automatic silencing on alarm 1 after 30 seconds (optional).
  • Reminder beep every 10 minutes when in silencing mode.
  • Auxiliary output for an external remote sound transducer.
  • Designed to meet GM's EDPS355 and EDPS329 standards (environmental and EMI compatibility specifications) as well as IEC 571 standard (environmental requirements).

Input: 74 Vdc nominal

Sound level: 95 dB at 12" (30 cm)

Frequency: 2700 ± 500 Hz

Certification: EMI tested for susceptibility and emission according to GM standards.

Dimensions: Length: 6.3" (16cm) Width: 4.0" (10cm) Height: 0.9" (2.3cm)

Weight: 0.5lb. (227g)

No auxiliary power required.

Form-fitted to directly replace the electro-mechanical alarms on locomotives.

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