440V/3PH-60Hz, 74V/100/600A

Part # 020-0023-00

This device is designed to safely supply the necessary boost current to start diesel-electric locomotives from a 3-phases AC power source.

It can also be used as a battery charger.


  • 020-0013-00 : 230V/3PH-60Hz, 74V/100A/425A
  • 020-0041-00 : 600V/3PH-60Hz, 74V/100A/600A

Spec sheet
  • Easy to use and safe for the operator.
  • Designed to protect the electrical loads and to control the proper starting sequence of the locomotive.
  • Controls the power use to meet the capacity and limits of the power utility supplier.
  • Can be used in booster mode and in charger mode, as needed by the user.
  • Rugged steel box.
  • Minimal space and weight requirements.
  • Easy to move on its pneumatic wheels.
  • High reliability and long-life electronics.
  • Short circuit protections.

Input voltage: 440Vac 3-phases 100A60Hz. Additional 3-phases inputs available upon request

Output voltage: booster mode: 600A from a 12 to 60Vdc source charger mode: 100A from a 12 to 74Vdc source

Operating temperatures: from 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C)

Dimensions: 37.5"D - 45"H - 28.4"W

Weight: 400lb (181kg)

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