CM 2A, 37.5V w/ CTL OUTPUT & LED

Part # 020-0051-00

The Current Monitor CM is an isolated detector of current. The « 2 A » version (Transtronic # 020-0051-00) allows to detect the AC or DC current. For this intent, it passes the current conductor through the Hall effect current sensor.

For a DC measurement, the current sense correspond to the arrows sense of the current sensor (marked on the top of sensor cover).

Closing of a relay indicates that the current is upper than the desired threshold. In this case, the CTL voltage is equal to Vdc. In the reverse case, the relay is opened and a yellow LED.


  • 020-0052-00 : CM 80 mA, 37.5V w/ CTL OUTPUT & LED

  • This monitor is calibrated to detect the RMS value of a sine wave current. For a DC current, the detection is 1.41 times upper than the corresponding value of sine wave current.
  • The measurement accuracy is take into account Hall effect current sensor precision. The error is due to single supply of the current sensor.
  • AC current detection:

    - Sine wave current
    - Nominal current: 65 A rms
    - Transient current: 600 A rms / 2 sec.
    The CTL voltage is Vdc when a sine wave current is upper than 2.8 A rms. The accuracy is +/- 15%
  • DC current detection

    - Non impulsionnal current
    - Nominal current: 20 A DC.
    - Maximal current: 30 A DC.
    The CTL voltage is Vdc when a sine wave current is upper than 2 A DC. The accuracy is +/- 15%.

The DC Voltage bus is to be applied between the terminals marked " + " and " - ". Applying a reverse polarity will not damage the unit.

Maximum continuous voltage range for proper operation: 26 Vdc < Vdc < 40 Vdc

Transient input voltage: +/- 2000V for 1ms

Typical: 1 W at Vdc = 36.5 V.
Maximum: 1.3 W at Vdc = 40 V.

CTL Output Contact Speed
Maximal turn On time delay: 300 msec.
Maximal turn Off time delay: 400 msec.

Inputs / Outputs

There are two I/O signals. One contact which operation is described above and a yellow LED.

The contact rating is 0.5 A at 50 Vdc and is connected between the terminal labeled " CTL " and the terminal labeled " - ". The CTL voltage when a current is detected.

The yellow LED is turned on whenever the current level is under the desired threshold. The yellow LED is close to the top right corner of the CM front cover.

Environmental Conditions
Operation: -40°C to +85°C
Storage: -50°C to +85°C
Humidity: 100% condensing

Electronic circuit is conformal coated to protect against deposition of dust.

Primary to secondary (Hall effect sensor): 3000 Volt AC, one minute
Supply to chassis: 2000 Volt AC, 2 seconds
CTL to chassis: 2000 Volt AC, 2 seconds

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