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Transtronic offers electronic solutions since 1990

A world-class supplier of railway electronic devices

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Provides top reliability and eliminates costly maintenance

The ideal replacement for all pneumatic bell-ringers on locomotive and transit equipment

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An expertise of solving clients' specific problems

Transtronic offers : advice, repair work or the designing of a new device

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Our Products

Transtronic offers a line of power inverters that economically meet clients' needs. These electronic devices include static converters and battery chargers used to supply electricity onboard locomotives and passenger cars.

Transtronic has also developed and produced various electronic devices, such as voltage, current and frequency monitors, timers, alarms and bells, to satisfy customers' particular requirements. Our products are designed to sustain harsh railway environments and are maintenance free.

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Our Services

Transtronic applies its R&D expertise to solve clients' specific problems, whether they require advices or the design of new onboard electronic device.



ASLRAA Connections Convention 2018

Transtronic will meet you at the booth #1205 à the Nashville connection from April 7th to April 10th. We look further to talk about your needs and how Transtronic can help you find electronic solutions.